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Charlie Millard Band

From Michigan’s northern lower peninsula, the Charlie Millard Band has developed a unique sound, voice and thought-provoking lyrics/poetry of their own. The band consists of percussionist Will Harris, Jercat Millard on guitars, and Charlie on the keys/organ/Rhodes bass. Always playing lots of festivals and venues across the Midwest and Canada, including Earthwork Harvest Gathering, BlissFest, Frederik Meijer Gardens, Shorts Brewing Co. and many others, they strive to give you a musical experience, like small movies for the ears.

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Michelle Chenard is a Michigan Emmy® Award Winning Songwriter and performing music artist who has been continually voted a favorite in Northern Michigan as Best Solo Performer, Best of the Best and more in Northern Express, Northern Michigan’s largest newsweekly. Michelle scored a Michigan Emmy® Award for musical score on the TV documentary Sacrifice and Honor:  A Tribute to our Northern Michigan Veterans.  She continually performs hundreds of shows across the state each year, including some of the most well known Music Festivals in Michigan.



For the past thirteen years the Sherpas have been voyaging the known universe.  Actually we all have. At least we think so. We have placed a few markers along the way to help guide blissful travelers through celestial funk, the outer rings of reggae to perhaps even the protoplanets of jazz. The Sherpas have even journeyed as a far as a few parsecs from pop to anti-gravitational gansta rap. We are the Sherpas that guide you through our musical universe. Actually we all are. At least we think so... 



Music Maker. Water Protector.
Founder and Co-Executive Director of Title Track, working for clean water, racial equity and youth empowerment.

Founder of Earthwork Music, encouraging community healing through collective musicianship, and the Earthwork Harvest Gathering, a celebrated annual cultural  that takes place on the family farm where I grew up.


Amber Hasan

Amber Hasan has been writing for as long as she can remember. She sees writing as sacred, a vehicle for feeling spiritually whole and fulfilling her life purpose.

She is co-founder of The Sister Tour artist collective, a grass roots organization created to offer resources and safe spaces for women artist and entrepreneurs.  

Amber’s work focuses on bringing light to dark places and situations while also helping others to find and use their voices as a tool of empowerment.


Logan Staats is a Mohawk singer-songwriter with a powerful, soulful voice and voracious stage presence. After signing to Big Machine Records, having the number 1 song in Canada, and an intense period of North American and European tours, Staats has rerooted himself in his home community of Six Nations. “I wanted to bring my songwriting back to the medicine inside of music, to the medicine inside of reclamation,” he says.


Since switching to the independent label Red Music Rising he’s been able to be more authentic with his music. To Staats, music is a healing salve, contemplatively composed and offered to listeners in need of comfort.

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